Graphic Design

My Advice to a Design Graduate

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a recent design graduate, Sanjana Pandit. She graduated with a BFA in Art & Design from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and is exploring options and ideas around full-time work in the design field. She came to me with some thoughtful and curious questions that…

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Designing AND Drawing: Can Your Designer Do Both?

Have you ever met a person who is an amazing cook? Someone who could turn an ordinary meal into a succulent dining experience in her own home? As you’re finishing the first course, you are already salivating over what kind of delectable dessert she has come up with to finish off the meal. Then she…

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Wine & Design — The Perfect Pairing

I don’t know about you, but when overwhelmed by choices, I purchase a wine by its label. So when the owner and winemaker of Flying Suitcase Wines handed me his business card, I knew which wine I would be purchasing next. Why? Because the design of his business card is stunning. And, in my experience, people…

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Behind the Scenes :: the Icon Design & Development Process

When we redesigned the website earlier this year, one of the main goals was to show how Wendy Wood Design was a bit different that everybody else — both with the visuals and our messaging. Since a significant portion of our initial design development is drawing and sketching, showing this part of our skill set made sense. Knowing all of this, the…

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“When You’re Done Laughing, Can You Help?”

One of my long-time clients asked me this just last week. We are currently engaged in a larger project together, involving more complex graphic design solutions and the art direction of her website, but another hot item came up and she reached out. Here’s the gist of her email: I’m wondering if I could tack…

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A New Graphic Design Blog is Added to the World

Wendy Wood Design

I love new beginnings. They’re full of opportunity and promise. A new day. A new book. A new website. Today is a huge new beginning for me — my first blog post is now live and well on the internet for all to see. Exciting. (and a tad scary, if I am completely honest with…

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