A New Graphic Design Blog is Added to the World

Wendy Wood Design

I love new beginnings. They’re full of opportunity and promise. A new day. A new book. A new website.

Today is a huge new beginning for me — my first blog post is now live and well on the internet for all to see. Exciting. (and a tad scary, if I am completely honest with you).

Mostly exciting, though. And here’s why: I have a chance to share some knowledge, trends and best practices — a chance to highlight what’s working in the graphic design world (and, alternatively, what hasn’t worked). I have an opportunity to give a little perspective and share a bit of creative knowledge with more than just a handful of people. It is an exciting time, for sure!

So, welcome!

If you stumbled on this first post, I would love to get a comment from you. Please reply with your name and where you live in the world. Let me know if there are any topics you would like to discuss, perhaps some visual problems I can help solve. I’m thrilled you are here!

To your creative success!

Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood

Wendy is the creative force behind Wendy Wood Design. Marketing and creative teams hire Wendy to plan and execute spot-on creative for their complex, multi-deliverable projects, such as: branding systems work, trade show & event deliverables, annual report & catalog design. When she's not in her design office, she is out enjoying all the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer —hiking, running and exploring with her husband, two boys and two dogs. + Meet Wendy

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