Life by Design: Business and Motherhood—My Biz Mama Interview

Wendy coaching her son's baseball team

A few months ago, my interview was featured by Biz Mama. I am sharing it below for several reasons: I was thrilled to be able to share my story with other mom/business owners I believe my business is thriving because I am a mother. The flexibility to say “yes” to both exciting work and volunteering with my…

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Wine & Design — The Perfect Pairing

I don’t know about you, but when overwhelmed by choices, I purchase a wine by its label. So when the owner and winemaker of Flying Suitcase Wines handed me his business card, I knew which wine I would be purchasing next. Why? Because the design of his business card is stunning. And, in my experience, people…

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A New Graphic Design Blog is Added to the World

Wendy Wood Design

I love new beginnings. They’re full of opportunity and promise. A new day. A new book. A new website. Today is a huge new beginning for me — my first blog post is now live and well on the internet for all to see. Exciting. (and a tad scary, if I am completely honest with…

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