Affectionate dogs and the power of tone

Caution: Dog can’t hold its licker. This sign has been mounted outside my home for years and just recently, I realized how perfect it is. “Dogs can’t hold their licker” pretty much says everything about my home, life, and family in one short statement. Visitors to my home will know immediately that they will be…

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The Pros and Cons of Cheap Logo Services told by a Marketing Master

Experience with 99 designs? This question was recently posed via email to a group of talented and experienced professional women. Before I could weigh in, Deb Doyle of Stage 2 Marketing replied. She nailed it, and I want to share her wisdom here. Original Question: As I head into a much needed website re-do, I need…

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Why Now? The New Solace Brand Identity Interview

Solace Updates their Logo and Brand

Solace is an established and rapidly growing data movement company in Silicon Valley. Recently, they announced their new name and logo — evolving not only their brand, but also their products. I had the pleasure of discussing the new brand with Greg Barr, the Director of Marketing Strategy at Solace. Here’s what he shared:  …

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Wine & Design — The Perfect Pairing

I don’t know about you, but when overwhelmed by choices, I purchase a wine by its label. So when the owner and winemaker of Flying Suitcase Wines handed me his business card, I knew which wine I would be purchasing next. Why? Because the design of his business card is stunning. And, in my experience, people…

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A New Graphic Design Blog is Added to the World

Wendy Wood Design

I love new beginnings. They’re full of opportunity and promise. A new day. A new book. A new website. Today is a huge new beginning for me — my first blog post is now live and well on the internet for all to see. Exciting. (and a tad scary, if I am completely honest with…

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