Wine & Design — The Perfect Pairing

I don’t know about you, but when overwhelmed by choices, I purchase a wine by its label. So when the owner and winemaker of Flying Suitcase Wines handed me his business card, I knew which wine I would be purchasing next.

Why? Because the design of his business card is stunning. And, in my experience, people who invest in the visual design, are invested in their company, their product and their services.

So, what makes this business card stand out?

Here are the seven things that immediately grabbed my attention:


1. Custom Colors

The black and aqua colors with a pop of this retro-red is refreshing choice. The aqua is calm and relaxing and noticeably different from the typical sky blue. Also notice that the business card is flooded with this light, aqua color — look at the next set of business cards you acquire — most are all white with text and a logo.


2. Expert Typography

The font combinations here are fantastic and unexpected. Three different font styles are combined and work really well together. The word ‘Flying’ is a display script set at an upwards angle, so that it feels like what it is describing — the act of flying. Paired with the bold san serif typeface of SUITCASE in all caps the two words work well together.

These typefaces would be hard to read in paragraphs and body text, so the third font completes the identity. This font is easy to read, yet has a fun, whimsical serif — adding to the lightheartedness of the design.


3. Textural Details

If you look closely, there are some rough patterns on the right and left sides. It gives a little more depth and interest and is a fun, unexpected detail that unifies the visual design.


4. Unique Layout

Vertical business card layouts are not widely used, but stand out amongst their horizontal counterpart. Using the vertical format here is especially well-suited because it mimics the shape and size of their wine label.


5. Smart Shape

Look at the round top to the this card! How many cards have that added detail? In my 20+ years experience, not many. And while this detail might seem frivolous on another design — it makes sense here. Clouds are soft and round, and the round shape and feels like you are flying into infinity, instead of trapped by two hard corners.


6. Fun Illustrations

When I read ‘Flying Suitcase’ my first thought was a suitcase with wings. This clever illustration takes it a step further with birds carrying off the suitcase with the use of strings. It is reminiscent to Disney’s UP, where balloons carrying a house away on a fun adventure. Who doesn’t want their wine to gently float them away? I love it!

Did you notice the change in the illustration from the front to back of the card? The front shows the birds flying high and free. When you turn over the card to the back — where the contact details reside — the birds are perched on a wire. Settled down and ready to talk. Party on the front, business on the back.


7. Clever Tagline

“Alluring wines for the curious wanderer.” This succinct tagline tells what it is and who should drink it. It ties together the illustrations with the Flying Suitcase name. Perfecting a tagline is  no easy task — it took me months to develop mine.


Building the Visual Story

In the end, what really makes this card standout is that all of these elements work together to to tell a story and support the vision of the company — a passion for drinking wine and the “winemaker’s lifelong passion for the grape its journey into your glass.” (Notice the use of the word journey here. Very smart.)

How does your business card tell your brand story?

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Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood

Wendy is the creative force behind Wendy Wood Design. Marketing and creative teams hire Wendy to plan and execute spot-on creative for their complex, multi-deliverable projects, such as: branding systems work, trade show & event deliverables, annual report & catalog design. When she's not in her design office, she is out enjoying all the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer —hiking, running and exploring with her husband, two boys and two dogs. + Meet Wendy