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Together, we can build your brand
and engage your customers.

Corporate Marketing
Design & Support

Marketing departments are
expected to do more with less. I
understand the importance of
brand consistency and meeting
tight deadlines. I currently help
Pottery Barn with proofreading
and press checks and Agilent
with brochure design and brand
guideline development.

How can I help alleviate your

Design Agency & PR Firm

I work with other firms to provide
additional concepts, designs and
support. I can help build out an
existing brand concept or provide
additional logo ideas. I recently
teamed with another firm to
design and produce
Safeway’s annual report.

Need a new perspective or a

collaborative design partner?

Let’s talk.

Small Business
Design Solutions

From logo and brochure design
to entire branding systems, I help
businesses build and maintain a
cohesive look. Global Upside
initially hired me for branding
solutions and I continue to sup-
port them with social media,
tradeshow and ad designs.

Does your business need a
branded, professional look?
I can help.